About the JARO Institute

Founded in July 2018 as a non-profit association, the JARO Institute is characterized by the long-standing expertise of its founders in tourism and procurement. This expertise, together with the focus on sustainable management, is at the heart of JARO's work. We stand for an interdisciplinary knowledge-transfer in sustainable tourism and sustainable procurement as well as for the influence of digital developments in these areas. The organs of the institute are the board of directors, the scientific advisory board, and the general meeting.

Our offers

Fulfill your corporate responsibility and let us support you in achieving the 17 UN goals for sustainable development.

Sustainable quality assurance & process optimization: We support you in the research, selection, development of seals, and we prepare you for audits.

Applied research: We research, investigate, and analyze both current sustainability topics and customer-specific issues for you: studies, research, surveys, analyses, reports

Knowledge transfer: We make our expert know-how and our network available to your employees and stakeholders in various training and event formats (online & offline): training courses, events, publications, webinars, lectures & presentations

Consulting: We design and develop sustainability strategies with you and accompany you in the implementation, evaluation, and integration of digital innovations

Our Sustainability Goals

We analyze and reflect continuously our impact on environment and society - in doing that, we prioritize the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Due to our statutory purpose, our focus is on high-quality education. With lectures, workshops, our own event formats such as the JARO B2B dialogue and training as well as publications, we impart the necessary sustainability knowledge to our target group and encourage it to take action.
The advancement of women is particularly important to us. We know the balancing act between work and family life and the challenges of equality. That is why we actively support the BME women's initiative or the EMA women's mentoring program and strengthen women in our network.
In order to operate sustainably, companies have to re-design their procurement activities responsibly, including supply chains. That is why we prioritize very strongly our activities for procurement managers in order to sensitize them and to provide active support in the changeover to sustainable procurement. Another focus is on the tourism industry.
We use our extensive network to bundle knowledge with committed partners such as BME and EMA, to network important players and thus to work together on sustainable development. Furthermore, we established our Sustainable Supplier Network to support responsible companies to get connected with relevant buyers, which we also promote in our JARO B2B dialogue.

The Carbon Clock is ticking

Time to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement: limiting global warming to well below 2°C (preferably 1.5°C) compared to pre-industrial levels.

With just one click, the upper left-hand corner leads you to the scenario for the 2°C target, and the upper right-hand corner to the 1.5°C target. In both cases, the clock shows the remaining carbon budget - and the remaining time.



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