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As a non-profit organization, we welcome voluntary contributions (donations) in order to fulfill our statutory purposes. This includes in particular various formats of knowledge and competence transfer, e.g. in the form of our webinars, lectures, e-learnings but also the participation in and organization of various events such as workshops, conferences and the like. Furthermore, we also publish relevant information in our own publications or as guest authors.

You can actively send us your donation via the provider Bildungsspender:

We will be happy to send you our current notice of exemption from the responsible tax office for your records. Please request this by e-mail:

Alternatively, passive donations are also possible without any additional financial effort on your part. If you order online, you can do this via the landing page of Bildungsspender and select the JARO Institute as the beneficiary organization. Bildungsspender is already supported by more than 6000 stores, which share a percentage of sales with Bildungsspender and the selected charity for orders placed via the landing page. For more information, visit

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