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Welcome to the JARO Institute

We want to achieve that sustainable action becomes the standard in business, administration and organizations of all kinds. To achieve this, we impart relevant knowledge, connect people and organizations, and work with them to implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda).

We have been operating as a non-profit association in Berlin (Germany) since our foundation in 2018 and are always happy to welcome new members who want to actively engage in sustainable business. You can find more information about our organizational structure and a membership here.

Our focus is on applied research for sustainable tourism and procurement and the impact of digital developments in these areas. We want to motivate and inspire organizations to implement sustainability in their business processes. The transfer of knowledge from theory to practice is particularly close to our hearts. We share our know-how and experience in a wide variety of formats and, in particular, promote dialog and networking between stakeholders. .

Already in 2019, we have written a Sustainable Procurement Guide for the BME, a strategic cooperation partner and developed the BME certification for sustainable procurement organizations. More information:  https://www.bme.de/services/sponsoring/bme-nachhaltigkeitszertifikat/

Together with a total of 13 trainers of various nationalities and various partners, we have developed the modular training program Certified Sustainable Procurement Professional in the recent months. This E-Learning can be used completely online for the training of buyers but also for the qualification of suppliers to build up and expand the necessary competencies for sustainable management in global supply chains. It can be used via our learning platform, but can also be integrated into existing learning management systems of organizations.

Our wholly-owned subsidiary JARO Services GmbH also supports the concrete implementation of projects within the scope of consulting assignments, if required, and always takes a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach.

Take part in our JARO study on sustainable procurement and responsible supply chains and gain insights into your company or organization on the topic of sustainability in a market comparison.

The study is open  until 15 December 2022.
The results will be published in early 2023 in a whitepaper on the JARO website.

JARO Whitepaper Sustainable Procurement Performance Indicator (SPPI) Scorecard

June 2024


JARO Whitepaper Sustainable Procurement Performance Indicators (SPPI) June 2024

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